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Here are our 2018 dates.

5pm Sunday April 29

Raye Freedman Arts Centre

Peter Scholes conductor

Soloist - John Chen piano

Edvard Grieg "Elegiac Melodies"
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart "Piano Concerto K595"
Lyell Cresswell "Of Smoke and Bickering Flame"

5pm Sunday June 17

Raye Freedman Arts Centre

Composer Portrait - Helen Bowater

Peter Scholes conductor

declination 0 (zero) (2005)
naja naja naja (1989)
Violin Concerto
The Frivolous Cake (1991)
Three Gentlemen in Red Jackets
beneath the crumpled stars

5pm Sunday July 1

Raye Freedman Arts Centre


Peter Scholes conductor/clarinet

Ross Harris "Sinfonietta"
Ben Hoadley "Turakirae"
Beethoven "Symphony No. 7"

5pm Sunday August 12

Raye Freedman Arts Centre

Composer Portrait - John Elmsly

Peter Scholes conductor

Passacaglia (1984)
Three Doubles (1995)
Dream Fragments (1980)
A-twining (1998)
Ascend (2008)
Three Songs (2016)
Microtungwhorl (2015)

5pm Sunday September 16

Raye Freedman Arts Centre

Chamber Concerto

Peter Scholes conductor

Soloists Justine Cormack violin

Sarah Watkins piano

Dvorak "Serenade for Winds"
Rossini "Duet for Cello and Bass
Alban Berg "Chamber Concerto op.8"

5pm Sunday November 25

Raye Freedman Arts Centre

Suk, Taylor & Mozart

Peter Scholes conductor

Soloist Abigail Sperling flute

Suk "Serenade Op.6" - Capriccio
Alex Taylor "Concerto for Flute" [WORLD PREMIERE]
Mozart "Symphony No.40"

A message from ACO Chairman Frank Olsson

A message from Musical Director Peter Scholes


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